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Where are we :

Adress: 2 Al. Tvalchrelidze St.,
Phone: +995 591 50 10 10

About Us

Lebowski Bowl Club is a modern, state of the art bowling and entertainment facility designed in the mood of legendary “The Big Lebowski.” Roll your lucky strike on our professional bowling lanes and showcase your skills in a game of billiards. 
We offer:

  • 12 professional bowling lanes 
  • 5 pool, 1 Pool 9'' VIP and Pyramid VIP tables
  • Café with a cozy environment and big-screen TVs 
  • Billiards VIP Zone 

Our friendly staff is always ready to provide you with a necessary guidance and out of this world entertainment experience.

F*ck it dude, let’s go bowling

Vouchers and Gift Cards from Dude - You can get 250, 350 and 500 GEL vouchers and 50 GEL gift card for 45 GEL.

Dude's Olympics

Dude wanted to take part in Rio Olympics, but could not leave his Bowl Club without care, that is why he decided to held his own Olympics at his Bowl Club Dude’s Olympics is starting from August 5th!